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tappatec inc is a national distributor of carpet and flooring products.
tappatec.inc has been operating since 1980 committed to providing superior product, quality and service to the architect/design community and our controlled dealer network.

We perform all sales, marketing and service functions on a national basis for world class companies:

See all of our woven natural plant fiber products, sisal and coir carpets and rugs within the carpet and residential flooring marketplace.

Ege creates more than carpet, always prepared to create exciting flooring for spaces that make a difference. ege carpet sets the mood, improves indoor air quality while providing atmosphere and warmth. ege carpet gives the space its identity - its soul. Therefore using a highly competent design team and advanced production technology we can transform almost any creative idea into a new and exciting carpet solution.

Balta is the world’s premier manufacturer of machine-made polypropylene rugs and is known around the globe as the gold-standard for color, design and quality. Headquartered in Belgium, the company has evolved from a small family firm into today’s Balta Group, a world-wide leader in home floor coverings. Balta’s high-quality woven craftsmanship, extreme attention to detail and tireless dedication to providing the best rugs in the world is how we are inspiring floors with a full range of wool carpet in cut, loop, flatwoven and woven pub carpets.

OÜ Valley, a manufacturer of hand-woven natural wool carpets since 1996, produces hand-tufted natural, exclusive and unique carpets and area rugs. Their flexible technology, variety of different yarns and a wide colour palette allow their designers to shape your ideas into a design for an exclusive and unique hand-made carpet, for distinctive use in hospitality and corporate boardrooms.

Bergo tile is the original, and from humble beginnings in 1972, is now a world leader within multifunctional plastic flooring for a variety of environments.  Any Surface, Any Problem, Anywhere - One Solution - Bergo Flooring! The basic material for all our floors is eco-friendly polypropylene. It is a material that is 100% recyclable.

Our floors are also recyclable in a more direct form too. They can be moved from one place to another. From cellar to garage. From garage to terrace. Or from shop to warehouse. Simply take up the floor tile by tile or in 'sheets' and then re-lay it wherever you want it. Bearing in mind that there is no need for adhesive, screws or nails, it is a very simple process. 

Commercial flooring built for high traffic applications. Vinyl Plank Flooring has quickly become a preferred alternative for flooring in high traffic applications with its durable and waterproof features. We offer an elegant selection of luxurious vinyl plank flooring with a vast array of options at competitive prices.